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Our Expertise

Brake Master has a dynamic team of dedicated and hardworking personal who are committed to the company's beliefs and philosophy. Each department is an integral part of the company and contributes its own vital expertise and role towards the manufacture of superior Brake Master products.

The company's Product Management keeps up to date with the latest products in the market in order to maintain a competitive lead, supported by highly competent Research and Development personnel.

The Quality Management System Consultant (QMSC) and Quality improvement Team (QIT) ensure the implementation of stringent quality controls throughout all stages of the production process from drawing board to packaging. Their tasks are further enhanced and complimented by the production and maintenance teams. Qualified contractors ensure diligent routine maintenance and conduct in-house training on a regular basis.

A dynamic sales & marketing team provides logistics and a wide and ever expanding distribution network whilst simultaneously ensuring prompt delivery.

Each component carries the stamp of quality by Brake Master and is a testament to the teamwork and expertise of the people behind it.